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#5 Casino

Your friends could end up being your enemies.

goodfellas movie

#8 Goodfellas

Knowing which bridge to burn & which to just walk across.

#18 Boiler Room

Many entrepreneurs are one dumb decision away from doing time.

#20 8 Mile

Seize the “One shot, One opportunity”.

#25 Seabiscuit

The big and powerful stallion CAN be beat. Don’t let bigger corporations intimidate you.

#26 Moneyball

Math is your best friend. Find a philosophy that works and stick to it.

#32 Warrior

It takes longer to win the support of your biggest critic; your family.

#35 Rudy

You don’t have to be a Harvard graduate or a drop out to make it in business.

#41 I Am Legend

The road will be lonely at times with competitors hoping to kill you.

#44 Ali

You can actually change the world with your company.

#58 Forrest Gump

Run forest run. As an entrepreneur you’ll need to learn how to run before you can walk.

#59 Ray

There will be people who want to take advantage of your naiveness.

#65 Click

We’re all mortal and this thing will go very quickly. Take time for those you love the most.

#66 Family Man

How to manage your time in order to have a great business and family life.

#68 Bugsy

If you’re going to a Casino, go because you own one, not just to gamble your money away.

#71 Tyson

Surround yourself with strong advisors.

#77 61

Not all CEO’s have the same personality.

#82 Hoffa

You learn a lot about someone when you give them power.

#85 Rounders

There’s not much difference between playing poker and playing entrepreneur.

#87 The Town

If your business isn’t successful, don’t rob a bank.

#90 Trading Places

Many want to be a millionaire but only a few are willing to do what it takes.

#91 Colors

There’s always someone out there looking forward to putting you out of business.

#95 Rush

Sometimes your family won’t support your dreams.

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