Nintendo- The History of a Legendary Company

In Case Study #20 Tom Ellsworth, The Biz Doc dives into Nintendo and takes you back to the beginning of what became a legendary company in video games.

Did you know Nintendo started in Japan in 1889 as a playing card company? YES – amazing but true.

It would be 40 years after that humble start before it would venture into video Games where it would make history. From 1977 where is launched one of the first small games consoles that connected to early color TVs to Donkey King arcade game to the WII, Nintendo has beeen a bold creative innovator in games. The journey was not without challenges and pitfalls but Nintendo pushed through the tough times to secure its spot as an industry icon.

This success story includes a focus on two very important lessons:

– Focus on your core competencies – know what you or your company does well and WHY you do it well.

– When you need people with skills, don’t tough it out – go find those people NOW.

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